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Our Services

Very simple, we can talk you through the legal aspects of a Family Law breakdown. This includes one of our friendly and caring family lawyers discussing with you mediation and alternative options to court.

If agreement can be reached on your dispute then we can draft the appropriate documents be they Consent Orders for Court; Binding Financial Agreements; Parenting Agreements and other related documents.


However, if agreement can not be reached then we aggressively but sensitively conduct Court proceedings including fullycontested hearings. 


We are proud that more than 90% of our matters settle to our clients satisfation while the other 10% which we litigate get excellent results from thorough preparation and our expertise.

Fields of Expertise:
  • Court Applications - Parenting and Property

  • Court Applications - Contraventions / CSA appeals

  • Court Appeals before the Full Bench

  • Binding Financial Agreements

  • Consent Orders

  • Divorce Applications

  • Trust documents

  • Estate Planning Documents (after a separation)


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